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History and Film News Headlines

Jackman to Star In, Produce Apostle Paul
From Movie Cheat Sheet on 2015-04-06

Hugh Jackman will star in a film about the New Testament figure along side Matt Damon.

Woman in Gold Set for 1,200 Theaters
From on 2015-04-06

The bio-pic about a family's effort to reclaim a famous Klimt portrait will have a larger showing.

Grace of Monaco to Premiere on Lifetime
From on 2015-04-07

This biopic of Grace Kelly, starring Nicole Kidman, will premiere May 25 on Lifetime channel.

Warner to Portray Russian Oligarchs' Stories
From Variety on 2015-04-07

Russian billionaires Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich will be the subject of an upcoming Warner Brothers movie. It will be based on the book “Once Upon a Time in Russia: The Rise of the Oligarchs — A True Story of Ambition, Wealth, Betrayal, and Murder.”

Dillinger Getaway Car Goes for $165K
From CNN on 2010-01-25

Cameron Options Hiroshima Survivor Book
From Variety on 2010-01-07

James Cameron, director of disaster and dystopia films such as Terminator, Titanic and Avatar, has acquired an option for the film rights to "Last Train from Hiroshima." The book recounts the tales of survivors of the first atomic attack.

Dillinger Car, Used in Public Ememies, to be Auctioned
From on 2010-01-04

The car used in gangster John Dillinger's April 1934 Little Bohemia getaway and in the Johnny Depp movie is to be auctioned in January 2010.

Avatar Breaches $1 Billion, 2009 Box Office Critiqued
From on 2010-01-03

Avatar became the fifth movie to gross more than $1 billion. Director James Cameron's other blockbuster, Titanic, took in $1.8 billion. Avatar is gaining ground on number two grosser "Return of the Kings," which made $1.13 billion.

The U.S. box office take for 2009 was $10.6 billion. That came from 1.42 billion admissions, up year over year, but down from the modern record of 1.6 billion in 2002.

Overview of Decade in Cinema
From The Age on 2009-12-31

The Age, of Australia, takes a look over the shoulder at franchises, larger grosses and 3D.

Bollywood Founder's Biopic Part of Asian Cinema Strength
From Hollywood Reporter on 2009-12-19

The Hollywood Reporter leads its overview of current Asian cinema with the saga of "Harishchandrachi Factory," the biography of Dadasaheb Phalke, the father of India's film industry. "Factory" has been submitted to the foreign film Oscar competition.

Invictus Opens to Hearty Reviews
From Independent on 2009-12-08

The films shows how South African President Nelson Mandela used the sport of rugby to combat the legacy of apartheid.

Redford to Direct Lincoln Assassination Film
From Associated Press on 0209-08-19

The movie is to focus on Mary Sarratt, owner of the boarding house the conspiracy used as its headquarters.

Baader Mainhoff Complex reviewed
From on 2009-08-12

The dramatization of the Red Army Faction is called even-handed.

Mamet to Remake "Diary of Anne Frank"
From Los Angeles Times on 2009-08-12

Disney will release the remake of the autobiographical tale of the young Jewish girl hiding with her family from the Nazis.

Hank Williams Biopic in the Works
From Variety on 2009-08-11

The troubled life of the country and western musician is to be chronicled.

Julia Child Film Inspires Cooks
From Los Angeles Times on 2009-08-11

40 Years on Woodstock Still Draws Interest
From Associated Press on 2009-08-10

New director's cut DVD maintains legacy.

Leslie Howard Monument to be Built in Spain
From Associated Press on 2009-04-18

The star of "Gone With the Wind" will be honored for his anti-Nazi work. He died when the Luftwaffe shot down his plane in 1943.

Aunt Cast in Lennon BioPic
From Reuters on 2009-01-13

John Adams TV Mini-series Takes 4 Golden Globes
From on 2009-01-10

Docu-drama about the patriot leader takes 4 of the 5 categories prizes

African-American Directors Expanding Vision
From on 2009-01-09

Valkyrie Described
From Huffington Post on 2009-01-03

Frost/Nixon and Milk Nominated by Producers Guild for Best Picture
From Oscar Watch on 2009-01-05

Sahara marathon movie debuts at Sarasota Film Fesitval
From on 2008-04-11

This film, narrated by Matt Damon and made by his production company, documents the first recorded crossing of the Sahara desert on foot in modern times.

Cinema reaction to war on terror is debated.
From on 2007-07-09

References Bing West's book "No True Glory" about Iraq. The book is in the works to be a movie.

Civil Rights Movement Underrepresented in Cinema
From The Washington Post on 0000-00-00

In an advance story about "Talk to Me" (a tale about a Washington, DC radio announcer during the 1968 riots), Ann Hornaday looks at the small opus of civil rights films.

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